Daniel Patterson(non-registered)
Enjoyed the photos! A lot of them made me homesick. Loved vibrant the colour in the flowers and the butterflies.
John Ross(non-registered)
You have some fantastic images. I really admire your creativity and skill.
Well I emailed most of my thoughts to you...It's the geometry, the way they're organic and dynamic...so alive but inanimate...a little surreal...flowing...both disturbing & peaceful...really absorbing to view.
Jan Munger(non-registered)
Darrin... this latest grouping of photos is really very special. I found some of the photos mesmerizing... the angles, shadows, reflections... so much going on and yet such simple beauty.
Richard Padgett(non-registered)
Wind worthy, water- win- worthy in any contest you might want to enter. I see animals and people everywhere just like I do when I look up at clouds. Particular of note to me is the contrast between the two rocks in a turbulent streat dropping and the next with 5 or more stacked on each other in a calm place.
Thanks for opening my eyes to such beauty at 4 am on Sat Sept 3, 2010.
My favorites continue to be Rocks & Water because I see them as a kind of environmental art; but I really enjoyed seeing the Water photos together in a series. It feels as though the water is moving when one photo comes right after another...adds a more dynamic perspective, if that makes sense. I had not seen Human Constructs, but it certainly has all sorts of possibilities. The tunnel looks like a gateway... a poem. As always, I appreciate your "eye" in composing a photo.
Jan Munger(non-registered)
I love seeing what you capture... thanks for the invite to the website!
Z M McNulty(non-registered)
Wonderful! Sweet refreshment to my soul after traveling in the hot interior--thank you, kind brother, for reminding me how beautiful our planet is.
Nathan Schultz(non-registered)
Great photos Darrin. High quality pictures and a unique style.
Bob Strayer(non-registered)
Lovely, Darrin. I was looking to see if there were some photos from Falls Creek. You have a fine eye as well as a fine heart.
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